Student Demographics

This section of the Fact Book profiles our students by age, gender, ethnicity, financial aid status, and other measures. The diversity of our students is the main theme throughout this section.


Over 50% of SRJC students are under the age of 25 during the Fall, Spring and Summer. The 20–24 age group enrollments have increased over the past ten years and more notably since 2008–09.

Women at SRJC have outnumbered men at a ratio of approximately 6:4. Beginning in 2008-09 the SRJC’s ratio has been steadily decreasing to less than 5:4.

The ethnic composition of students enrolled at SRJC continues to change. Although the majority of students are White, proportionally this group has decreased from 69.2% in Fall 2000 to 53.5% in Fall 2013. During the same period, the proportion of Hispanic/Latino students has increased from 12.6% to 30.7%.

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Enrollment Demographics Comparison for Fall 2011, Fall 2012, Fall 2013
Basic Skills Participation ComparisonBasic Skills Participation Comparison graphs
Students' Ages
Student's Ages
Origins of International Students
Origins of International Students
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