Employee Demographics

This section of the Fact Book presents information on District employees by age, gender, ethnicity, and job category. It also includes comparison data on California Community colleges, including statewide totals when figures are available.

In a sign of "aging" of the SRJC work force, employees aged 60 years and more comprise approximately 33% of all the permanent employees in 2013 - up from 21% in 2005 (Source: Chancellor's Office)

For the last eight years, the ratio of female to male employees remained stable with females comprising approximately 60% of SRJC employees (Source: Chancellor's Office)

Approximately 81% of all permanent employees identify themselves as White. This represents a drop of about 5% since 2005. At the same time, the representation of Latino employees rose from 5% to more than 7% (Source: Chancellor's Office employee term data).

Detailed Interactive Visualizations

SRJC Employee Numbers 2005 to 2013
Employee numbers 2005-2013
SRJC Employees disaggregated by gender, ethnicity, age, and job classification
Disaggregation of employees
SRJC Employees vs. State of California (by age group)
SRJC employees compared to State of California
SRJC Employees vs. State of California (by ethnicity)
Employee ethnicity compared to State of California
Median Age of Employees
Median Age of Employees