2015-2017 FactBook

Most of the data contained in this FactBook represents the academic year 2016-17 (fall summer, fall and spring semesters). To see the more recent data, please visit our new Interactive FactBook.

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Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Community

Section 3: Students

Section 4: International Students



Section 5: Employees

Section 6: Credit Enrollments

Section 7: Non-credit Enrollments

Section 8: New and Concurrent Enrollments





Section 9: Outcomes - Basic Skills



Section 10: Outcomes - Degrees and Transfers



Section 11: Outcomes - Student Equity

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Basic Skills

Cohort Completions

Course Completions (non-cohort)


Section 12: Outcomes - Cohort Completions



Section 13: Course Completions and Retention



Section 14: Effectiveness